Western Horse Show


Registration at 11:00 am, 12:00 Noon Start

1. One rider per horse per class

2. The show arena may be used as a warm up area after the English Horse Show and
when announced during set up for some classes.

3. Youth classes (Pony or Horse and child 14 years and under)

4. Riders under the age of 18 are required to wear approved safety helmets.

5. Numbers must be returned to get $5.00 deposit back.

6. Cash prizes handed out with ribbons at end of each class.


Entry Fee: $3.00 per class
Prizes: 1st= $15.00  /  2nd= $10.00  /  3rd= $5.00

1. Best Costume (youth)

2. Western Pleasure (youth, pony)

3. Western Pleasure (youth, horse)

4. Western Pleasure (open)
Entry Fee: $5.00 Jackpotted with $100.00 added
3 placings 50% 30% 20%

5. Cloverleaf Barrel Race (open)

6. Pole Bending Race (open)

7. Flag Race (open)
Entry fee $3.00
Prizes: 1st = $15.00  /  2nd = $10.00  /  3rd = $5.00

8. Spear the Rings (open) (6” rings on poles must

9. Spear the Rings (youth) be speared with lance)

10. Timed Trail Obstacle Course (open)

11. Timed Trail Obstacle Course (youth) (open/close gate, back through poles, carry rain coat, step over log)

Tom Stevenson Memorial Trophy
Awarded to high point rider in Western and English Light Horse Show.

For more information contact
Dick Gibb at 705-685-7450